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The Soulcircle

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The English pages are not updated.
Please do not use the English lore texts for RPing in Néveri.
We will begin to work on the English site again if interest in it returns.


What is Néveri?

A text based roleplay forum, giving the user the possibility to alter the world's events immediately through their roleplay.

A dark fantasy universe, that is altered and developed while you and your friends are participating.

The Soulcircle, a tool created to administer all your characters in Néveri and possibly other RP worlds as well.

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Just as a reminder...
November 2020

The time has come to once again focus on the place where Néveri meets most activity, and that is now, once again, in the Danish parts.
So until English creatures once again show their interest in this magnificent creative storytelling tool, it shall remain in slumber...

I added the years in the page Néverian time, because I was feeling generous ;)

Welcome to the 11th edition of Néveri!

Originally it was set to release 01-02-2014, but due to life, it was delayed until now.


The time has come to once again focus on the place where Néveri meets most activity, and that is now, once again, in the Danish parts. Therefore, until English creatures will show their interest in this magnificent creative storytelling tool, it shall remain in a slumbering state.

Change is coming, and it is not the favourable kind, read more about it, in our newest GM journal entry.

Citizens of the magnicficent, proud marble city of Correntain. Our finest chroniclers and writers have peices together a just description of our dormant King Tharqauin Mathazar Delo'Thair. May his actions inspire us all for aeons.

We updated out plans for 2013. Take a look!

The Chaos in Morania is stronger than ever. Unchecked and roaming free it could very well corrupt even the holiest of places soon. So prepare yourself, by learning the inner workings of our greatest common enemy.

Have you been away like we have?

We would like to welcome you back with this: Asmodar's report. Which continue to remind us of the darkness that once roamed Morania.. And which some still believe does.

Whether you love or hate him, he is the leader of man.

Read about Cael Stormblade. And make your own opinion whether this hate be earned or not.

Added link to our gallery under Enter

We asked you what you wanted to know about a leader and now it is here - Finally! In a new subsection too.

Added plans for 2012

The second entry of the GMs has been published.

The book everyone wants, and no one understands truly but one - has finally been revealed to the eyes of all elvenkin

The first entry, long time promised, is now here.

For the first time ever on the English site: A small glimpse into the alurians!

The most valued legend among the high elven kin lies now ready for your mind to grasp.

Looking for a quick rundown into the history of the malenkais? Look no more.

A new version of The Soulcircle (Formerly known as The book of forgotten souls) has been released.

The Mindstorm has finally hit our site. Read the concequences it had.

Updated and corrected the timeline.

The orcs have been released upon Néveri!

We've added a introduction text to our game section. And fixed a bit of jibberish in the Gods catagory under The gods of Chaos.

All new to Néveri? Fret not. We have just released our Beginner's guide, taking you through the basic of matters and with links to the rest.

Behold. The journal of Siran, has been found inside the library of Calendon!

Take a new in-depth look at what we're working on. Enter our gallery of lost thoughts.

Step closer towards the dark grounds.

We've made available a new library. Right now it is only the library's main page, but more content will come up soon.

We've updated the Balon page under Areas. Now you can click on the thumbnail and view them in full size!

Chaos has a significant effective way to corrupt the life of Néveri. Read about it now and even how to remove this dreaded corruption.

New object added under magical objects.

The objects in a world can create great depths in a story, or even base it off of one. A brand new section both on the English and Danish site now goes into depths on this subject.

Learn of the history of The vale family, the most known noble family of Morania.

Another gate of deep knowledge has opened

To the most curious, the GMs bid you welcome to the second most secret library of Morania.

Meet the gamemasters of Néveri.

In the beginning..

The English version of the "Thank you" page is now available to all those who care

These small creatures can be a pest and a blessing, depending on how you treat them.

This proud and strong people is very important for the economy of man. So why are they so ungrateful?

Very few are capable of surviving at sea. This might be one of the many reasons.

Going south? This is one of the villages you would like to get quickly out of again.

New page published.
Learn of the magic of Néveri and the big differences in how it is used. More for this section will come later.

The shiras' page have been revamped. Check it out now.

If you still think you are missing a more in-depth look into the lives of the malenkais and their area, this might be the last piece of the puzzle you have been looking for.

Updated the project page.

The genious high elves have now translated a fair bit of the book Creatures of Néveri, by Adarius Meldi. It holds the basic information.. minor details you would seek of each race.. You can thank the high elves later, they're used to waiting.

If you plan on visiting Camrynn... Maybe it would be wise to read about it first. That is, if you like living.

Karstaag and it's history now lies open to those few chosen.

Now you can learn more of how healing in Néveri works, and how your character would use this skill. But if you're more interested in the weather in Morania, this is now also available.

Now you can learn all about the gods that each character can worship in Néveri. A very important milestone for us, lore wise.

At long last! The beta is out. But you already knew this since you are here ;)

The english service is now online for all those non-danish adventures just waiting to plunge into our world.

Would you, or someone you know, like to help us develop Néveri? Next year, we start lookinkg for people to help us further develop Néveri. And now already we would like to hear from you, or someone you know.

If you are interested in helping us, or if you have questions, contact us at - We know, it's a danish e-mail, but you can still use it and write in English ;)


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