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Camrynn is a small village located close to the sea. The village has moved back and forth over the years, and the inhabitants have led a turbulent life. At times the village has been more of a fortress than somebodies home, which is why few women have lived in the village. A steady part of the village has been their inn, the Mad Goat, which has relocated and burned down several times. The King has had some trouble with this area, and he has sent several officials without much luck. The area around the village consists of small paths and roads, with some small streams. The village relocates according to the weather, because violent autumn storms from the sea forces the inhabitants to seek shelter in the surrounding woods.

T-this  is C-camrynn,
something is always
astray here ...

It is a gloomy area where many strange events have occured over the years. The nobles fear the area and with good reason. Camrynn is not one of Morania’s nicer areas. Some claim it to be Nisara’s kingdom of death on earth, and the preferred area for Chaos. The King has declared that only experienced warriors and powerful wizards can travel here.

Lately, though, Camrynn has again become a peaceful village. Chaos has spread throughout all of Morania, so Camrynn is no longer the only dangerous area in the country. The woods are still filled with unwelcome creatures, and even though a farmer can live here with his family without fearing for his life, the area still has it’s dark reputation against it.

If one comes to this area, one will find a group of hastily erected houses gathered in a circle around the small inn. Earlier the village had an innkeeper, but now the inn is run by different inhabitants from the village. These inhabitants are mainly workers, for example farmers, wood cutters, smiths, bakers, or have other practical talents. Most of them know how to use a weapon, since the area still attracts some unpleasant types. Only a few women live here, since it’s still not possible to guarantee their safety. None of the King’s men are stationed here, so the inhabitants have to fend for themselves. Because of that, the law is not firmly set in this village and the inhabitants maintain the law themselves and changes it, if the need arises.

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