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Report for the King

Report concerning the translation of the parchment in Camrynn
To His Majesty King Calen Stormblade
First King of Morania

By Asmodar Dareknae, alchemist and specialist of dead languages, the castle of Calendon – in the year 3136

I, Asmodar Daraknae, had been ordered by Thee, King Calen Stormblade, to decipher a parchment found in the Camrynn area. Looking at the structure of the parchment’s signs, I could see that it was not written in any known language. With Thy permission, I gathered magicians to help me understand this parchment. Each of them were highly skilled, and had yearlong experiences with magic and knowledge of the unknown. We laboured for three years before we finally succeeded. Using ancient old language magic, we solved the parchment’s magic and we were all horrified of what the signs turned in to.

Below is a written copy of the unbroken words. The signs are of course transcribed to our letters, since Your Majesty otherwise would be unable to understand it’s meaning.

”Zim karn aren karün,
diran ze hirek wentür.
Zirrae tir noctir,
diran are lyri rik karek

Ira zirra are xuen fekir.
Karadür - Akura ze noctir,
ira lyr isyrak klir imakka ze arshnaran limar..”

.. And here is our frightening result:

”I posses your soul,
filling the empty hole.
Hunting at night,
filling you with endless fright.

We hunt you until dawn.
Beware - Through the nights,
we will continue to extinguish the human lights..”

It is not clear what this text refers to. It could be the new mysterious, dark creatures’ work, but it cannot be settled since noone knows enough of this apparently new race. It does not require much knowledge of the elves’ tongue to understand that it speaks of the extinction of humankind during the hours of night. We will of course do everything in our power to investigate this further.

Yours truly,
~ Asmodar

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