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The English pages are not updated.
Please do not use the English lore texts for RPing in Néveri.
We will begin to work on the English site again if interest in it returns.

The people behind the Néveri project wish to thank the following members for their contributions to the universe - Including ourselves..

For supporting us, even though it sometimes seems silly for her to continue ;) For having written loads of documents for Néveri’s website, for always having time to give feeback on everything and for always being thoroughly critical when it comes to testing website, board and the Book of forgotten souls. Furthermore for having written more than 3000 posts on the board and be one of the best roleplayers in our project with some amazing and exciting and unique characters. Furthermore we will thank her for taking the time to translate some of our longest documents to the english site!

For having an inexhaustible energy and for always thinking positive. For creating our website, the Book of forgotten souls and spend days and weeks on the coding. For inventing new creatures and characters for Néveri. For writing completely unique roleplay on the board, both alone and with others. For always telling anybody who wants to listen about Néveri and hereby gaining new potentiel members. And lastly, thank you for still having a dream about live roleplay in the universe of Néveri!

For having made up many exciting creatures for our universe and taking the time to document them so the rest of us can finish them and make them a part of our universe. Besides we want to thank her for having written more than 3000 posts on our board and being the most active user we have ever had in our project, and the best contributer of concept art!

For having written a couple of songs and tried to write about a new race, which unfortunately was never finished, but which has provided us with a new area in Néveri.

For her massive support and feedback on our arrangements and helping with the drawing of creatures, and for being active on our board for almost a year.

For being our most active member in our facebook group and the English world of Néveri. And also for her courage to take the step towards true roleplay, and helping us with completing our lore and intruducing new members to the English forum, helping it gain more than a 100 posts within just half a year.

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