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The English pages are not updated.
Please do not use the English lore texts for RPing in Néveri.
We will begin to work on the English site again if interest in it returns.


This was the year where we truly gained international ground and increased our English content tremendiously. We managed to translate all the Danish texts through this year, and what a work that was; but thanks to Jaric, we got through it all, to much delight of our English members.

This was also the year for a come-back for our character administration tool, currently known as The Soulcircle. It was fully translated as well, and the character creation page had a much needed overhaul, not to mention the addition of the diary feature.

This wasn't just an overhaul of the Soulcircle though, 2011 was also the year we released the 9th version of the Néveri website, which included our usual annual change of logo to reflect the current state of Néveri, social network integration, as well as a design overhaul of the top- and main menu-page entirely.


Rahsna decided that the Néveri-group shuld be ranamed to the Néveri-project, and the huge project was split up into sections which are now the guidelines for the game masters in figuring out what needs to be done. In the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010, BFRF decided to switch universes, which made Néveri the owners of any material which ever existed for Morania/Néveri, and this universe thus became the game masters’ own. In the end of 2010 Néveri went new ways to get new players, but also to learn from similar groups. We created sites on Twitter and Facebok and we strengthened our English part of the project.


At the end of 2009 BFRF, which had by now changed it’s name again, switched universe and no longer play in Morania. That makes the Néveri-group the only ones, who use this universe in their roleplay.


At some point in 2008 the three game masters decided to put an end to all the confusion they had created by also calling their universe ”Morania” and once and for all they withdrew from BFRF by renaming their universe ”Néveri”. With the renaming came many changes. The Morania site was closed and the remains transferred to the new Néveri site. In the end of 2008 the game masters also recieved the first signs of interest from other players – which had never been their goal.

The first new users on the board did not have an easy time, and Rahsna spend hours and probably days restructuring, writing things about the universe and writing rules for the board, since many of the new players did not quite grasp the way the three game masters used the board, or the high standards they demanded before others could join. The result was some guidelines explaining the conditions for new members. Rahsna had one of the new members approve it, and without knowing it, this was the beginning of what later became the rules of Néveri. With two new members and the problem not completely solved, Rahsna realized we needed more than just guidelines. That is why he began rewriting and documenting everything that was needed on the board. Previously, there had been no rules, but it had become a necessity due to the interest from outsiders. The board was split into sections of green, orange and red for the areas, and demands were made for each gamer-level. This act made some members leave Néveri, and today not many are left. The game masters, which had previsouly been known as admins on the board, were renamed to game masters.


About half a year went by, and a new website was born, based on the group’s expanded Morania-universe from BFRF – fittingly named ”The universe of Morania.”


The more time spent on the board, the more energy they put into expanding the universe behind it. Some few of the local population near the game master’s hometown showed interest in the universe. Plans were made for develepoing the project further so it would support live roleplay. A website was created for this purpose and the project recieved some media interest. The success with live roleplay only lasted for a year, and the game masters had to realize that it was much more difficult to roleplay live with their universe, than on a board. After this defeat, the group withdrew as active roleplayers. The only live roleplay they still took part in was the yearly 48-hour roleplay on Bornholm.


In the middle of the year, Jaric and Rahsna stopped playing live roleplay with BFRF (Bornholm’s Fantasy Roleplaying Forening [Forening = Group]]) since they both moved. Not much time goes by, before Jaric, Rahsna and Sündir – a third player whose imagination and ways of using inspirational sources in roleplay is rarely seen – gets their own online roleplaying board and they continue to play in the universe which they love. Jaric, who had written half of the texts which were then the universe of BFRF, and Rahsna, who had contributed with ideas and any help he could think of, took the best from this universe and threw away the rest – hereby creating their own roleplaying group which they named Morania. All three game masters took the things they liked the best from BFRF and created something new with their own ideas in the mix.


The Néveri-project [Back then known as the Morania-group] begins when Jaric and Rahsna took part in a 24-hour live roleplay in september.

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