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The English pages are not updated.
Please do not use the English lore texts for RPing in Néveri.
We will begin to work on the English site again if interest in it returns.

Ripping apart the merger

Written: The 26th day of June in the year 2018

Remember the unsettling news we wrote last? Well... Turns out they desired too much change of Néveri and instead of agreeing and slowly killing our dream, we fought back with all we had - ripping the merger apart.

In 2018 the dream of Néveri as LARP is no more. But Néveri as text based RP lives on!

We continue to work on Néveri behind the scenes and with the use of a translator, you can translate the Danish texts into ... whatever language to need! ... Except ShaLan...

So there you have it. The future of Néveri is no longer oblivion and we are re-ruin'ing most of the changes they made to Néveri. It is a long and tiresome proces but in time, your beloved Néveri will flourish and Chaos and Wolves will forever roam free!

*inside manic laughter*


So come... Step into the portal, we promise there will be ever dark fantasy awaiting you on the other side...


Merging roots

Author: Rahsna
Written: The 29th day of July in the year 2013

Change is coming, and I cannot yet explicit tell whether it is only bad, or if there is some good as well; But Néveri is becoming a live RP world once more. There is still many questions unanswered, but doubtless, many things will change during the re-merging with the old Morania. Hopefully this also means that, in a year or two from now, we will start evolving the stories, settings and areas in new directions along with completely new, decidated writers.

As mentioned earlier: so far, we have little idea of where this decision will take us, but we are hell-bend on getting Néveri selected as a live RP universe because it means powerful new thinking to a stale mindset. There will also be places and creatures whom cannot be used because of this, or which the new GM group will not agree with. What will happen to these? Most likely they will still be around, but only available to forum play or horror-specific, nightmarish live scenarios.. We will make sure they will..! *insert evil chuckle*

While there are many things, uncertain right now, one thing that is certain, is that we will do our very best to keep Néveri as close to the original as possible, but undoubtly some areas will fade and new will blossom, and they will all completely change the lore.

What we do know

  • The Chaos wolves will be phased out, or plain deleted from existance due to their over-powered and the extreme attention they have had in the many years. The threat of the Chaos order remains, but soon the wolves themselves might never be encountered again.
    • While we agree the wolves have had their time, we disagree in removing them completely because of their strong connection to the core-lore of the world, and they were, after all, a very strong part of the original Morania, and still should be, but in a dormant state. What will likely happen is that Therian will be defeated and his wolves locked away properly this time - or at least be stripped of their powers. The order of Chaos will remain, desperately trying to release their gods of Chaos once more. Hopefully they shall remain the ultimate evil in the world, and not some mundane, medival human clown!
  • The fate of their alurian counterparts have a higher chance of being accepted by the new team, but due their close ties with Chaos, they would need a new purpose. We have no idea what this purpose could be.
  • The map will change. The form of Morania, or the lands close to, might change as well.
    • This is because of the merging with the old Morania map, and some of its lore, mainly Calondon will change, but we cannot say exactly what will go where until we have had a discussion with the new GM team.
  • Anything that feels too threatening to the world of Morania will perish, be moved to a very distant location, or altered to be in a dormant state. Preferable the last option.
    • The new GM team wishes for a more peaceful land, with a lot less darkness. We can understand that. But we will try to keep as many horroricfic matters as possible. At least in the lore if not in the liveRP.
  • Active/available races will change drastically as well
    • The Tolkien-typical races will remain, like humans, orcs, goblins, dwarves, and wood elves. Furthermore dark elves will stay too. The future of the rest is uncertain, mainly because they could be challanging to bring to real-world life, malenkais especially would have this issue. True, they could all be walking around in human-form, but that is not really something desirable from a gameplay perspective. Well shall see.

WHY are you ruining Néveri!?

We joined up with a new team of GMs. One with a passion for live RP. A passion we strongly share, and have missed greatly for alomst a decade.

The truth is we want to live RP again - in the world we created. We want Néveri to be the universe of choice, but the new GM team do not agree with all of our ideas, and as such, we have to compromise instead of working against each other, fighting for our rights. That is just how merging works. We need manpower to keep Néveri alive, the new team we have become part of, have that, so we bend Néveri until it is acceptable to all, so we can continue doing what we all love. It is not optimal, and it will be a challenge, and take many months before we have come to a final agreement, but it WILL be Néveri - with every value that we cherish.


Light & Dark

Author: Rahsna
Written: The 1st day of April in the year 2012

Today I'm back to give you a bit of a "behing-the-scenes"-look of what happens, when the game masters get a wee too creative, and the consequences of Néveri's current outlook of destiny because of it.

---- And I must mention, that because of the nature of this highly complicated matter, this entry is very much subject to change. If such changes are indeed performed, it will be noted on our facebook page and the changed part of the entry with be highlighted with the usual crimson red colour.

Silikar and Siran versus Paq, Keinar and Cheza versus Sündir. This all seems logic to you, the player. You know, that no matter what, good will conquer Chaos one day and Néveri will be rid of Chao's corruptive touch -- at least for 2000 years, right? Well.. It's a bit more complicated than that..

Seeing as the ultimate evil, and the ultimate good is played by the very same persons, defeating Chaos, or vanquishing Good for good, is harder for us than you might think. This is an issue of love, addiction, and attachment. We all love our baddest baddies and our do-good goodies too much to let either side permanently win.

Then why, you may ask, does Chaos currently rule surpreme?
I think, the answer to that lies in our daily lives.
Our core players are, luckily, good; And it seems that good persons always run into bad - because there is indeed much bad out there - and I am not just talking Néveri. Whether or not we like to admit it - and most rarely does - this bad.. this "evil" builds up. The players we have here, are good ones. But good is, as previously mentioned, not always good. Néveri surely reflects that somehow. It was never planned, but Néveri is quite the tool to live out your darkest, deepest desires. If you have not understood why yet, I shall put it in a way that even little miss dollface can understand it. There are no good-only people. We are all part light and part darkness. The end. No apparent proof otherwise.

All this mumbo-jumbo leads us back to why Chaos rule surpreme. Because we let it. Because we truly, without a doubt, need a place to pour in all our worst sides and thoughts and actions and cruelties down into a hole. Néveri is just one of many, many tools to do that, and a most effective one I will say - without too much bragging.

So.. We've come to the conclusion that Keinar and Cheza cannot kill Sündir because:

  1. how boring wouldn't that it be? Jaric went there, and at the time, it did make sense, but what then? What then is your ultimate challenge, your motivation to save Néveri? All happy ending? Yes? Then what do you use to outlive your inner darkness?
  2. the love for these 10+ year old characters just does not make it possible at current time of writing. Of course it could be argued that when you write stories into a blockage, you destroy everything and start all over, from the very beginning - Right, mr. J.R.R. Tolkien?

And Sündir cannot kill Cheza AND Keinar because:

  1. Well, as of writing, they are the only alurians powerful enough to stop Chaos, and if they were permanently killed, Chaos would win. And when Chaos win, we all die. Including Chaos -- Infact the entire UNIVERSE DIES!


    At least if no more alurians take up the fight very soon after that.

So there you have it. Even though we never intended to, we have reconstucted the simplest of rules in our fictional universe. There cannot be light without darkness, just as there cannot be darkness (for long) without light.



Author: Rahsna
Written: The 7th day of March in the year 2012

How y'all been doing? Good? Good.

This is the very first entry to the journal on the English site. The Danish have had many. But these have always had a somewhat technical turn as they, back then, served as the only available way to speak about upcoming and recent changes to the site. We now have much more efficient ways of doing that ;)

In this first English entry, I thought I would use a small moment of my time to share this with you: GDC 2012: How designers can increase innovation in their games.

It is an article that touches on innovation in the thought-proces of creating. I know, it's from a game developing perspective, but in its core, Néveri is a game as well. A game where the only rules are that of the universe and the only limit is your imagination.

Much of what is mentioned in that article, are concepts I, and the other two GMs mostly work by. We currently strive to especially make unique and yet familiar races. Creatures you think you know, but by adding new rules of living, behavioral patterns and of course, the dark Néverian culture we hope to give it an entirely new twist.

But even when the page is written, published, and the creature reaveled to our players.. or writers - as you are as well - it does not end there. It never ends.

It has always been the main point of interest in Néveri to let the game evolve and live off it's current userbase rather than being a static world of set rules and limits. We have experienced that; through sharing of our thoughtproceses and ideas, we gain invaluable feedback from many members. And even negative feedback is good feedback - at least to me - for in the end it all gives food for thought, and the more different and contradicting views we have on especially the races, the more unique and different races we can create.

I strive to make all of Néveri unique, but we cannot make anything too unique as many needs achetypes to personalize themselves with when taking on a new role in Néveri. Be it human or otherwise. We strive to give you fun and inspiring tools to live in Néveri with and we keep thinking of new ideas and concepts that adds to the uniqueness of your character. I myself have a good over 60 chars to play around with, and most of them are different in only personality and their background story. Obviously I want to add more to help create a unique soul, and at the time of writing I have an idea that might be interesting to try out.

So where do we stand on this "journey to innovation"? Apprentice or Journeyman? Surely not master, for we have after all only used the same comcepts of Middle Earth as so many live RP associations before us, and drastically changed it . Humble as I am, I shall not seek to answer that. Too many-- even I, fall back to safe concepts known to all.

Last updated: The 26th of June 2018 06:03PM.

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