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This village is located to the south west of Balon. In the year 3452, after Therian’s wolves had begun to roam the area around the western woods and Balon, something terrible happened to the village.

As if the gods wished the village destroyed, much of the small village’s houses burned to the ground when a violent, unnatural storm gathered one late afternoon in Faira. Months later, travellers who had been in the village that very day told rumours of two mysterious people, who wandered through the village. Later that day the thunderstorm which burned every building to the ground hit. Some people say the two strangers never left the village while all this happened, while others even claim that these strangers created the storm, and also made sure none of the villagers survived until sunset.

In the year 3456 Faira is slowly being rebuilt. There is not yet any inn, no smiths or hunters and thus Faira is very dependent on the villages around them.

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