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The English pages are not updated.
Please do not use the English lore texts for RPing in Néveri.
We will begin to work on the English site again if interest in it returns.


Eresir The person

He used to be very shy, but roleplaying has helped him communicate with strangers and he never miss an opportunity to stand in the middle of a group of roleplayers and explain Néveri to them.

Rahsna is a friendly, open minded person who loves everything that has to do with roleplay and he spends a lot of time considering the future of roleplay and it’s development. He is also very interested in spiritualoty and loves making people think more about the meaning of life.

His work with Néveri
Since he began roleplaying in 2003, Rahsna has been obsessed with it. He works with the depth of Néveri’s universe and especially with the areas of Néveri. He is webmaster of the website and board. Besides he has the main responsibility (his own wish) for the continued existence of the Néveri project.

Rahsna does most of the talking with the users and tries to listen to the members as much as possible. He develops and updates rules and writes and administers documents for the website. He is also in charge of The Soulcircle which he developed for his own needs and later expanded and adapted to the universe of Néveri.

Rahsna’s 3 most famous characters are

  • Siran
  • Keinar
  • Maeron

The story
Rahsna began his roleplaying life in 2003 by becoming a member of BFRF (Now roleplay-bornholm). He was officially a member until 2006 but moved from his home island at the end of 2005.

During his time in BFRF he helped the board on the sideline, since some of their work have always fascinated him and he quickly discovered that he had a talent for making up unique things. It is thanks to him that the alurians became what they are today, and that Therian’s wolves have had as long a life, as they have.

He started the Néveri project together with Jaric after he moved from his home island in 2005 and has not done much else besides Néveri since.



Gudetegn, SheekaThe person
Sündir or Snow, as she is also known as, is besides being a game master also our most active member with no less than 2000+ posts.


Sündir's 3 most (in)famous characters are

  • Sündir
  • Cheza
  • Sheeka



The person

Jaric, also known as Lisbeth, was born in August 1985 on Bornholm. Jaric was fascinated by the opportunities for character development in roleplay, and have, since she started playing, developed from being shy and uncertain into wanting to take chances and trust more in herself. Jaric enjoys developing the universe-part of roleplay and writing songs and legends. She is always ready to talk about roleplay, also about costumes and game objects, which can give life to a live roleplay scenario. She enjoys roleplaying alone, but also plays well with others.


Her work with Néveri

Jaric was, to begin with, very active on Néveri’s board, but as the years went by, she became busy with other projects and had less time for roleplay. The later years she has focused more on developing the universe or writing short stories, which take place in Néveri’s universe and are available on the board. She spends a lot of time translating texts or write new texts which she feels are lacking when one tries to explain this universe to others.

Jaric's 3 most famous characters are

  • Paq
  • Padrio
  • Cael Stormblade

The story

Jaric began roleplaying in 2003 and has played since. It has always been fantasy roleplay, often medival scenarios. The last couple of years she has also tried modern and futuristic scenarios. Jaric does not spend much time roleplaying anymore, but she is still active in the development of Néveri. Jaric also still participates in single, huge scenarios, but she most enjoys writing stories and legends to the universe or about her characters.


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