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Keipas, the 29th day in the sign of Kimo, the year 3458

Chaos continues to take over Morania. Slowly, but unchallenged, they gain in power, and with Paq dead, and the fellowship that followed her broken, no one remains to stop them now. They are soon strong enough to emerge from their dark hiding places, and if that happens, all of Morania is doomed.

As the famine has spread throughout Morania, people living close to the borders of Karstaag, has found themselves forced to hunt for food in the dangerous woods; An action which have brought more death than food on the table, and unfortunately intrigued the Midnight clan to hunt outside of Karstaag once more in the name of their dark queen. This in turn have re-estabilished the dark times when Man were haunted not only by Chaos, but also by the cursed, bloodthirsty-beasts of Nisara.

Especially the king of Man, who have sworn Chaos defeated many years ago must come to his senses and deal with all this at once. For does he not, the fall of Man will be an easy task..

Renpas, the 8th day in the sign of Mikan, the year 3456

The lack of resources have spread noticeable throughout the cities and villages of man now, and it is clear that something dracstic must be done. Some lucky few have friends among the elves from where they've recieved help, but the rest has to fight famine and a very cold winter. Several adventurers have travelled in seach of new, untabbed minerals, but to no avail. None have returned from Mandûrra in the sourthern mountains, where the dwarves live. Even the people of Calendon have begun to starve, and the chilly start of the new year have not made it easier to survice the tough winter in Morania

The quarters of the poor almost lies deserted, and the graveyards lies filled with people starved to death on the street. Those who have not been killed by famine, have fled Calendon. Many have died on their journey in seach of food, but many more have turned to Chaos, whos' promise of might and not the least the end of starvation, have been a intriguing offer. Fewer still have fled into Karstaag in hopes of finding a new life in the wild. Those remaining who reached their original destination have reached shelter in small villages or sought out shelter at other races in hope of mercy.

Renpas, the 1st day in the sign of Mikan, the year 3456

Long the shiras have lived in the shadows of Carani,but now they have started to emmerge into Morania. No one yet knows anything about them, and those who does, have either become a part of them, or been killed shortly after. The shiras have effectively kept their existance unknown, and none have yet been able to tell anyone what happens beyond the portal to Carani.

Renpas, the 7th day in the sign of Opulantas, the year 3455

A black market of malenkai-blood has begun to silently spread in popularity throughout the larger cities after an unknown person has revealed the ensnaring effect of drinking it. The prince of the malenkais is trying to find out who's guilty of this act against his kind and have the black martket stopped before it spreads out of control.

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