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The English pages are not updated.
Please do not use the English lore texts for RPing in Néveri.
We will begin to work on the English site again if interest in it returns.

Greetings stranger

May we welcome you to a new world, a world which is not like yours, and nonetheless, with many, many places like it. We have big, endless forests, barren deserts which goes as far as the eye can see, mountains so high that they reach the clouds of heaven, seas so deep that no creature has ever seen its bottom, and cities so beautiful angels would cry upon their sight.

This world is filled with man, malenkais, high elves, dwarves, chaos creatures, sacred wolves, shiras, sirens, wood elves, orcs, goblins, dragons, dark elves, and many gods to worship. These gods are very similar to your Greek gods - but our gods are of course real!

The land is a magnificent place. Embark from beautiful mountains to the burning volcanoes, the Council halls to the humblest beggar’s space. Be everything from king to thief, from mistress to assassin. They say that only our fantasy sets our limits, but Néveri is limitless!

The short history of the world

Néveri (the universe) was created by one god. While he created the universe, he also accidently created five very desctructive gods known as the gods of chaos. They tried to destroy the entire universe and the first god imprisoned them for all enternity - in theory. He then created a lot of other gods, and they populated his universe with all kinds of creatures.

Enter Néveri

Now that you know the basic frames of Néveri, the next thing you probably want to do is find a character to RP with.
First choose which race you want to be. We recommend you begin by playing a human, as they are the easiest.
Then decide for a profession – what is my character’s job?
Decide your character’s name, age, and other personal detail – family, looks, personality etc.
Find an rp to enter or create your own which others can join – if you have further questions, the game masters are always ready to assist you.

Get social & wiser

As a new member you undoubtly have an ocean of questions; Questions we would love to answer. To do this in a fun and social way, we have an on demand Q&A session.

So get them questions ready and we'll try our best to answer them!

The most important ones, we'll put into our texts.

Last updated: The 4th of June 2016 07:52AM.

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