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XI chapter of Néveri’s creatures
by Adarius Meldi
Chrumsniklonia – in the year 3452

Life expectancy: 120 years
Weight: Same as the race they are made from.
Height: Same as the race they are made from.

Life expectancy: 120 years
Weight: Same as the race they are made from.
Height: Same as the race they are made from.

On my journey on the outskirts of Karstaag a stranger stepped into my camp. My guard immediately stepped in, and soon after it was obvious to us that the stranger was not a malenkai. It was a woman - Or at least I think that it was. I welcomed her to my camp and offered her food – but she refused it even though she looked rather hungry. We talked through the night and she told me of strange creatures, which I have never heard of before. It is these creatures that I have written about in this chapter. When dawn broke, only my guard and I were left in our camp, the only sign that the stranger had been there was a crumpled map which seemed to lead to the lands of the wood elves.

Written on the 18th day in the sign of Hawkeye in the year 3452

Shiras have almost always lived in Néveri. They were created when a death bender and a snake-alurian coupled. They stick to the shadows where none will notice and when they hunger for fresh blood they travel to human cities or the forests surrounding them, to hunt.

Shiras are creatures which are rarely seen, though one may meet them on a dark night. They look like humans as long as they have fed. When they grow hungry, their eyes turn reddish, their skin pale and their eyes matt to look into. It is not a creature one wants to meet, since they are cold blooded and does not think of feelings, unless they meet one of their own kind.

When a shira is first made, their eyes will be matt, their skin pale, and shaded under their eyes. The creature they are made from must die before this transformation can happen. They wake up hungry, and the only thing they can think of is their first meal. In the beginning their natural need for blood will help them on their way, but usually the new shira has it’s maker by it’s side, or close by. It is the job of the creator to tell the new shira about the new world as it is now, and how to relate to their new lives and the senses that they did not have before.

It is important for the shiras to take in blood every day. If they do not do this, they will look like they did when they were made. If they do not eat within seven days, they will die and look like a corpse. This is why it is important for them to eat every day. They do not have to live off of humans, but many shiras prefer this to gain maximum strength and protect themselves against the other shira clans, living in the forests around in Néveri.


When they have fed properly, shiras have certain abilities that make them supperior to other races. A shira is able to see in the dark and are far more aware of their surroundings than any man. Their hearing is also better, though not as good as a malenkai's. They are fast and agile and can even outrun a malenkai. Older shiras are more experienced and has the ability to manipulate another's mind, but not control entirely.

No creature can simply enter a realm of the shiras, since opening the portal requires a password. The shiras who can open the portal, bears the sign of Nisara in their palm. Those who do not, follow a shira who bears the sign and knows the password. Usually, it is the guards of their realm, that bear these requisties.

Those not born a shira but are made, will always have a bitemark on their neck of four teeth. The four teeth are fangs which grow behind the gum of a shira when they are first turned.

If a shira reveals matter of their culture which could endanger the rest of them, the shira will be killed - Unless it was by the order of the prins or his sister, Valendia.

The prince, Shiroko has two sisters. Valendia whom lives with him in the kingdom, and Silja whom have chosen to start her own clan together with a few other shiras. It happens that she comes visit, though only to annoy her brother. No one knows much about her clan, since it can never be found the same place twice. Last time she was seen, was when their parents had asked Nisara to create a portal to the realm beyond the plains of wind. Silja bears a mark on her cheek which none of the other shiras has. It is shaped like two butterflywings woven into each other. This clan is exstremely grotesque as they do not only take the blood of the living, but exclusively the fresh blood which are in children, virgins and newborns when their mother is not loooking.

Shiroko is the one in charge of all the shiras in the kingdom. He holds a dagger and only it is capable of completely kiling a shira, or if they forget to feed. The fresh blood makes their dead body function and gives the heart something to work with. Without fresh blood the heart does not work. Those eating every day will look like an ordinary person and can walk amongst man without having to worry about exposure. Their teeth are hidden under their gums, when they are not used.

The shiras never take the last drop of blood from a creature, nor do their drink from a dead, as it would kill them. They can interact with humans, but kills them if their hunger becomes too unbearable to control. New shiras are never seen outside the castle, as they have not yet mastered their thirst and would easilly expose themselves and get killed, as a new shira does not possess the same powers an experienced shira does.

The older shiras can change shape to that of any creature which they have seen or met. Of course this depends on how old and how skilled they are. They cannot simply think of the creature they want to become. Very few shiras posess the ability to even do it as it requires an immense power depending on what creatures they wish to change into. I.e. if they change into a malenkai, they will only gain the form of the creature, not it’s abilities or strengths.

If the shiras finds out a creature knows of their secret, Shiroko will curse the person. The curse is easily found as one has a marking on the neck which looks like a half moon with a drop in the middle. If you die, or tell others of the secret of the shiras after being cursed, you will become one yourself.


When they lack blood for more than only a day, the shiras start to grow weaker than any man. Not all their senses are increased when they feed. They have not a highened sense of smell and they are not very strong. Keep in mind that a shira that was a creature with high level senses, like an elf, will keep those abilities. When a shira is new, or it has not fed, the sun can be slightly too much for them, but they take no damage, the sun is just annoying. When older, the sun has no effect on them what so ever. An artifact currently known as the dagger of the prince, is the only object, beside lack of blood, that can kill a shira.

Shiroko’s parents were the first to make it easy for themselves, so they did not have to flee from the humans. They asked of Nisara to open a portal to the realm they now call Carani, located beyond the plains of wind. This portal can only be opened by the prince, his sister Valendia, or their guards.

They usually live in dark and cold places. It is only the shiras which are born, that has a snaketongue. When making a new shira, only those of royal blood or those with permission of the prince, can do it, making it perfectly possible for the race to bite a creature without turning it into a shira.

The look of Carani
Carani is a huge castle where most shiras live. Around the castle black roses grow, which are one of the few plants that grows in this realm. Inside the castle there is a huge hall with greyish marble floors and huge snake like chandeliers entangled in red roses. If one looks to the right, when one has just entered the castle, there is a staircase. It leads to Shiroko’s chambers and no one goes there except if it is very important. This is especially important to remember for new shiras.

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