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IX chapter of Néveri’s creatures
By Adarius Meldi
The dwarves’ desert – in the year 3452

The sirens

Life expectancy: 70 years
Weight: 55-115 kg
Height: 170-195 cm

Life expectancy: 75 years
Weight: 50-100 kg
Height: 155-185 cm

Stories by the dwarves have let me to believe that there exists an hitherto unknown creature in Morania. Oh, another unfriendly one it is... This report is written from the few informations I have been able to lure from the dwarves with some ale, so it is obvious that even though I have written this myself, I do not know how much of it is actually true. But the king wishes me to write of all the creatures in Néveri, also those of whom I have never heard. So I have to do this. That is why you, dear readers, cannot come to me and complain when your ships sink in your quest for these creatures! Infact, no one can come back and ask the king to throw me into the dungeons (again!).

And now I believe I have said enough. Once again I wish you a pleasant time with my report.

Written on the 23th day in the sign of Rahnee in the year 3452
The kingdom of the sirens is situated right above the ocean dwellers . It is governed by SilvenWing who is their princess and queen. She sits with her sisters and sings to young sailors who immediately fall in love with their beautiful voices, and sink in the steep rocks which surround the realm of fog. If one of the sirens finds the sailors and the women who had been on board, SilvenWing can turn them into a siren, but she can also let them die in the grip of the ocean.

A siren typically wears a light dress made from a fabric only the sirens have and know where to find. One rarely sees the men since they keep to themselves and make sure to stay home and watch the kingdom, when the sirens are out poisoning young sailors’ minds with their beautiful songs. The men also keep watch over the young sailors, so none get close to the female sirens without punishment.

Their realm is made from items from ships and the ocean, among them the most beautiful pearls and gems which the men gather when they are out diving.

As you can see, very little is known of this race, and in the time coming, we can only hope to find out more of these creatures. Of course this means sending out someone to investigate the matter, which will certainly NOT be me.

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