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By Pera Flowervale
Scribe at the King's court
The library of Calendon - in the year 3450

The Vale family have existed since the war of the gods. A mighty warrior by the name Kristoffer Millers son became a close friend of the humans' hero Calen Stormblade, during the last years of the war of the gods.

When the war ended Calen was crowned King, and one of his first acts was knighting Kristoffer, hence making him a noble person. The name Vale was added as proof of his new status, a name several of his comrades had already given him because he saved them from an attack in a valley.

A few years later he married the King 's eldest daughter, Brigitta, and as a bride's gift he recieved a small estate just outside the King's newly built capital, Calendon.

Hereto he withdrew with his wife, and in time they had three sons. All three grew up and became great warriors, but when their father died, they could not agree on who would inherit him, and more importantly, who would inherit what. The firstborn, Xanthes, wanted his father's fortune, so he could spent the money on his countless journeys around the kingdom in his search for knowledge.

The second son, Exos, wanted his father's estate, so he could live there and expand his business, because he was a merchant.
The third son, Petrix, wanted his father's huge collection of books, so he would be able to expand his studies.

So they split up the inheritance into these three parts and thus chose to split the Vale family as well. The elder son chose the name Rosevale because his journeys and the knowledge he aquired was beautiful, albeit with thorns.
The second son was named Forestvale, because the estate where he lived was surrounded by forest, and because he always spent a lot of time out in nature with the elves, who back then resided in the same area.
The third son chose the name Flowervale because flowers reminded him of peace and thoughtfullness.
The three sons thus lived seperated, and each got sons and daugthers who carried on the family branch for more than 300 years.
Rosevale developed from discoverer to advisors, and later magicians. They always remained loyal to the Stormblades.
Forestvale were merchants, usually selling something of interest to the nobles, and their fortune grew. The Forestvales, at some point in history, sold the estate to the King, who tore it down and created what today is Calendon's graceyard in it's place.
Flowervale were scribes and teachers at the university of Calendon.
Now, more than 300 years later, all branches of the Vale family are still in existence, and all still have their noble titles. Flower- and Rosevale both work for the King, whilst Forestvale are merchants, mostly in silk and other expensive fabrics, selling to the richer parts of Calendon's citizens.
All members of these families live in Calendon and are all loyal to the King.

This concludes my short notofication about the Vale-family, as wanted by the library of Calendon, the department of Noble Families.

~Pera Flowervale

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