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By Ithlandir SilverBlade
The University of Correntain
Correntain ~ in the year of 3403

This will be a short explanation of how Correntain is ruled, as requested by our King Tharqauin.
During the War of the Gods our people was reigned by the young Captain Tharqauin. He was a good leader, organized and well trained.
When the war came to an abrupt end our people was divided in at least two fractions, one of which ended in a part of the world the humans soon named Morania.
These elves still had their leader Tharqauin with them and he organized the building of a new, great city which was named Correntain after one of our ancient heroes.
Tharqauin was crowned King by general consent, and he ruled for three years. After this period, angry voices was uttered, urging the King to make a council to rule the town. Tharqauin was not hungry for power and thus consented to this request.
The council was set to a number of 15 members, which were elected amongst the citizens of Correntain. Both males and females were elected, both young and old. Many of the first elected members are still part of the council.
Tharqauin himself is not a direct member of the council, but he is always present at their precedings and is always allowed to speak his mind, as are any and all who seek permission to be present from the normal population.
The council has for all this time been able to keep peace in Correntain and remain on a friendly footing with the humans in Calendon, although these humans rarely are welcome in Correntain.

This concludes my short explanation,
~Ithlandir SilverBlade, 3403

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