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Legenden om Corren Tain

[Denne tekst er skrevet på elvisk, og kun karakterer der kan læse elvisk kan forstå det]

Skrevet af Ithlandir SilverBlade
Oprindelig forfatter forbliver ukendt
Correntains Universitet ~ år 3407

Tilbage den gang før krigen
da fred herskede i vores verden Néveri
Der en højelver herre gik på jord
Corren Tain var navner der var ham givet

He was a mighty warrior, with weapons splendid
thoroughly trained, but with no thought of war
a magician he was too, proficient with spells
a priest as well, Fayon he worshipped

One of the first of our superior clan
neither a wood elf nor a wild one
high and slender, aloft from worldly concerns
he wished to separate our clan from the rest

The wood elves went their own ways
to forests vast and dark
the wild ones vanished to nature back
and our clan gathered in cities of great

In those days of ancient old
we were only one clan
but there were those who plotted evil
against our united people

Corren Tain knew none of this
before Illuminated Fayon came
and warned him of the fatal plan
those foul ones were plotting

Corren Tain swiftly acted
and gathered all his troops
the foul ones were confronted
and banished from our midst

This incident us wounded,
quite gravely were we hit
we once had been one people
now we were truly split

But Corren Tain he laboured
and assured us of this fact:
What happened was unavoidable
we now needed to look to the future

He trained us all to be weary
of strangers dark or light
and never trust another race
since only high elves in truth delight

Corren Tain lived for many years
centuries soon came and went
at last he wished to rest for good
and to Fayon's kingdom was sent

Today we still remember him
from youngsters to the old:
Remember our great founder
so brave and yet so bold!

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